Your Home Is In My Heart

from by Spencer Bohren

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Spencer Bohren, 2010

This ain’t no dream. We both know it’s real.
It’s like some kind of miracle we feel the way we feel.
We were so lonely together. How did we drift apart?
But an angel was passing. Your home is in my heart.

Yes, an angel was passing, and not a moment too soon.
I was packing my bags. Our true love was in ruins.
All that lying and crying, we chose a brand new start.
Now and forever, your home is in my heart.

- Chorus -
It’s a fine line. It’s a very fine line
Keeping love together for a very long time.
In a lifetime sometimes you fall behind.
Things can get a little bit dark.
I need to tell you I want you.
I want to tell you I need you.
My door is always open.
You hold the key to my heart.

One hand washes the other, what they always say.
One step at a time we’re gonna find our way.
Stop, look, and listen, then take a shot in the dark.
We all need a hand to hold. Your home is in my heart.

- Chorus -


from Spencer Bohren - Blackwater Music, released April 11, 2011



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