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Spencer Bohren, 2008

The old homestead’s broken down.
Everybody’s moved to town,
But the leaves still turn to scarlet up the holler.
The garden’s filled with weeds.
It can’t meet nobody’s needs,
While the kids are chasing that almighty dollar.

Well, my sister’s on the coast,
And my brother’s making toast
In a diner somewhere out in Arizona.
Dad’s been gone a while,
But I can still see Mama’s smile
Thought she doesn’t recognize me anymore.

- Chorus -
And the wind blows through the trees.
Lord, it puts me on my knees
When I think of all the sounds that used to live here.
I’d give everything I have just to hear my Mom and Dad
Sing those old songs they used to sing together.

Me, I been rambling ‘round
Singing songs from town to town.
I never found a wife or made a dime.
But I love every mile, and the memories make me smile.
But it might have run its course, it might be time.

- Chorus -

Now the air is getting’ cold.
Must be time to hit the road.
There ain’t no place to sleep here anymore.
But if I had my way
I’d come back here and I’d stay
And listen to the birds sing every morning.

- Chorus -


from Spencer Bohren - Blackwater Music, released April 11, 2011



all rights reserved