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Spencer Bohren 2010

Listen to the wind – always the wind.
The truth is carried in the sage and the wind.
Can you smell the sage? Forever smell the sage.
You’ll smell the sage when you go down in the wind.

The soldiers will be falling all around you.
Your eyes, they will not see the way.
Your heart will be your only chance to find your way back home.
Listen to the wind, smell the sage.

Your father and his fathers before him
Burned the sage and listened to the wind.
Told them that the White Man was coming,
That life would never be the same again.

The White Man killed our men
Before they stole our land.
They had no right, they had the guns.
What could we do?
They treated us like dirt, but what really hurt
They poisoned everything they touched.
They’re still not through.

Your ancient Fathers’ land
Is your Fathers’ land no more
The sky is dark; even rivers will catch fire.
But they are near the end. Their land will poison them.
Their water will bring death instead of life.

But now their time is surely ending.
And their kind will never come again.
The Great Mother will tolerate them no longer
But there will always be the sage and the wind.



from Spencer Bohren - Blackwater Music, released April 11, 2011



all rights reserved