Susan Cowsill - Lighthouse

by Threadhead Records

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released May 18, 2010

Dedicated to our Crescent City & our dear friends who lost and lived to love again. Who Dat! In loving memory of Barry & Billy Cowsill--it’s just a fair thee well, my friends.

Recorded at Dockside Studio, Maurice, LA
Additional recording done at Groove Masters, Santa Monica, CA and The Music Shed, New Orleans, LA

Produced by Russ Broussard, Susan Cowsill, Michael Mayeux, & Mike Costanzo
Engineering by: Dockside: M.Mayeux, M.Costanzo, & assistant Korey Richey
Groove Masters: Bil Lane, assistant Rich Tosi
Music Shed: M. Mayeux & Kyle Lamy
Mixed by Bil Lane & assisted by Glenn Suravech at Groove Masters

Artwork: Skeet Hanks
Photo credits: Robley Dupleix, Barbara Cowsill/Cezanne Wish Nails/Skeet Hanks (cover).

Gratitude list:
Terry Ford for your support, ideas, enthusiasm, & honesty. All you Threadheads & fans that donated or loaned us money for this project--without y’all and Terry, there would be no Lighthouse. Jackson Browne for coming to my rescue once again. You are an angel & a true friend. Bil Lane—a mixing god. Our masterminding team of Terry, Tim & Terrin Cohn, Georgianne Nienaber, John & Vicki Cowsill, Chris Gerstner, Cameron Smith, Mitch Ulrich, Scott Schinder. Nick & Miranda—always. The village of Nina & Poppa, Momma Maria & Father “Padre” Michael, Ms. Maria, Dr. Harry, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Kent & Aunt Jules. Rick & Rob for You & Me Baby. Johnny & Linda Franklin—life-long friends can be found after 40! Thanks BSG, for helping me finish my “piano song.”

For those who had us as “treasured guests” after Katrina:
Sonny, Pat & Sally, Tim & Terrin, Johnny & Linda, Fred & Kelly, David,Valerie, & Justin, Steven & Christopher, Brian & Wanda, Steve & Wish, Judy, Cameron, Denby, & a special thank you to John & Vicki for giving Miranda a home a place to call home. And to all those who gave or gathered money to keep us going post K—we couldn’t have made it without you.

Management: Terry Ford,
Bookings: Shiloh Productions,
Distribution: Burnside Distribution Company,
Publicity: Canewoman Press,



all rights reserved
Track Name: Avenue Of The Indians
Avenue of the Indians

I can still hear the sounds of hammers
Echoing through the woods
As I stand in someone’s driveway
Where I trees and tree forts stood
I can taste the yellow flowers
Bitter-sweet apon my tongue
On the Avenue of the Indians
One for all and all for one

On the shores of childhood mystery
We signed our names in blood
We pledged our voices to the wind
Our loyalty to the sun
And the days ran on forever
‘til we heard her whistle blow
On the Avenue of the Indians
Buried deep inside our souls

Ready or not, Here I come
Olly all and free olly all and free
Come on everyone

Come to the water
One for all
One by one
When will they call you
No one knows
Aint this fun?

Every curtain’s coming to a close
Every story has its end
I will never say goodbye to you
Just a fair thee well my friend
I won’t worry how to find you
‘Cause I know just where you’ll be
On the Avenue of the Indians
Where we’ll set our spirits free

Mason Dixon line, Anyone?
I can hear him coming, Everybody run
Oh, everybody run